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Board Mount 2W & 4W Power Supplies accept a 90-305Vac input

Board mount 2 and 4W power supplies accept a 90 – 305Vac input 

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the KAS series of wide input range, 2 and 4W encapsulated AC-DC power supplies. They can operate continuously from 90 to 305Vac, 47-440Hz, making them ideal for use with 115V, 230V and 277Vac nominal inputs.  Additionally, having a Class II construction, no earth ground connection is required. Input to output isolation is 3,000Vac; this makes the series ideally suited as a low power source for a large number of applications, including building automation, security, professional household equipment and systems requiring an additional standby voltage.

Visit Futura at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference

Visit us at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference on Tuesday 31st January, Citywest Convention Centre, Stand No 139A

New! IEC Appliance Inlet with IP67 / IP69K Protection from Schurter

IEC Appliance Inlet with IP67 / IP69K Protection from Schurter

SCHURTER introduces the new waterproof IEC connector consisting of the appliance inlet type 4761 and the rewireable cord connector type 4762. With its high protection class IP 67 or IP 69K connected or unconnected with cover, this appliance coupler is perfect for supplying power to appliances used in harsh environments such as industrial, marine, laboratories or any type of outdoor appliances.

NEW! HELI Ultraminiature 0201 from Kingbright

HELI-Ultraminiature from Kingbright

ELI-UltraMiniature marks a new era to SMD LED collection as its size of 0.65x0.35x0.20mm allows most ultra-compact innovative designs to be free of physical restraints. Engineered with AlGalnP and InGaN chips, HELI-UltraMiniature is ready to shine with exceptional brightness. It fits perfectly into wearable, portable consumer products, and disposable healthcare applications.

Highly compatible with automatic placement equipment's, HELI-UltraMiniature can be easily utilized similarly to 0201 passive components.

Top-Emitting Chip SMD LED: KPG-0603 Series

KPG-0603 Ultra-Thin Flat Series

Ultra-thin miniature SMD LEDs only 0.65x0.35x0.2mm (LxWxH) in size. The 0.2mm height is thinner than a credit card, making it suitable for use in any kind of miniaturized electronic product. Multiple color options are available.

HARTING adds Han® 3A stainless steel coupling housing to Han-INOX range

HARTING adds Han® 3A stainless steel coupling housing to Han-INOX® connector series for use in harsh environments. 

HARTING has added a Han® 3A stainless steel coupling housing to its Han-INOX® connector series, featuring premium non-rusting stainless steel which makes it ideally suited for applications involving corrosive fluids.

NEW! Waterproof RJ45 Connectors from Keystone Electronics

These new RJ45 jacks and sockets are IP68 rated for underwater, dust and other harsh environments.                                          

Manufactured for increased durability, these new waterproof devices can endure a minimum of 500

insertion cycles.  Rated for 125 VAC RMS, these jacks are fully compliant with IEEE and IEC standards.  


Schurter Piezo Metal Switch

Metal Line Switches with Multicolor illumination and variable input voltage

SCHURTER is expanding its PSE, piezo metal switch and MCS 30, mechanical metal switch series, with new illumination possibilities powered by variable input voltages. Based on the used RGB color technology, it’s now possible to indicate up to seven illumination color options with just one switch. The variable power supply offers a homogenous and brilliant illumination within a voltage range of 5 to 28 VDC.

250W DC-DC converters

250W DC-DC converters have a wide 3.3V to 24V output adjustment range

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the i6A series of 250W DC-DC
converters, featuring a wide 3.3V to 24V output adjustment range. The
non-isolated i6A series can deliver up to 14A output current and will
operate over a 9V to 40V input range.  Power density is 427W/in3 packaged
in the industry standard 1/16th brick form factor.

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