Futura Electronics Ltd an Irish owned company with over 30 years experience in developing and providing tailor-made solutions for our clients needs and individual requirements. As a specialist distributor of Electronic Components, Industrial Controls and Networking/IT products our services will benefit your business.


Company: Adeunis RF

Products: RF Wireless Modules, Transmitters, Receivers, Bluetooth

Company: Allied Cable Corp

Products: Custom Cable Assemblies, USB

Company: Anytek

Products: Sockets & Terminal Blocks

Company: Apem

Products: Toggle, Pushbutton, Slide Switches


Company: Aries Electronics

Products: Burn In & Test Sockets

Company: Cherry Switches

Products: Switches, Sensors, Keyboards

Company: Cliff Electronics

Products: Power Connectors & Modules, Circuit Protection Audio Connectors

Company: Diptronics

Products: Switches


Company: Dynamis Batteries

Products: Lithium Accus, Lithium Primary Cell, Lead Acid Accus, NiMH, Charging & Measuring Equipment

Company: Essentra Components

Products: Circuit Board Hardware

Company: Fischer Elektronik

Products: Heatsinks, Connectors, Cases

Company: Geyer

Products: Crystals & Oscillators


Company: Grayhill

Products: Dip Switches, Optical Encoders

Company: Harting

Products: Industrial Connectors & Ethernet Switches

Company: HongFa

Products: Relays

Company: IMS Connectors

Products: SMA, SMB, UFL Connectors & Cable Assemblies


Company: JL World

Products: Buzzers, Speakers, Microphones

Company: Johnson Electric

Products: Ledex Solenoids, TH Switch, Burgess, Johnson Motors, Parlex Cables, Saia-Burgess

Company: Keystone

Products: Battery Holders, Test Points & Hardware

Company: Kingbright

Products: Leds & 7 Segment Displays


Company: Kingstate

Products: Buzzers, Speakers & Microphones

Company: LPA Niphan

Products: Ground Power Connectors & Ground Power Cables

Company: Mentor

Products: Light Guides, Switches & Handles

Company: Oupiin

Products: Connectors


Company: Panduit

Products: Cable Ties, Cable protection & Indetification Products

Company: Sauro

Products: Sockets & Terminal Blocks

Company: Schaltbau

Products: Contactors, Snap Action Switches, Charging Connectors

Company: Schurter

Products: Fuses, EMC Filters, Power Inlets & switches


Company: Sloan

Products: Led Panel Indicators, LED Strips &amp LED Drivers

Company: SoniCrest Acoustic Components

Products: Buzzers, Speakers, Microphones

Company: Sunon

Products: Fans, Blowers, LED Cooling

Company: Taitek

Products: Connectors


Company: TDK Lambda

Products: Power Supplies & DC-DC Converters