Coolspool 58

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Coolspool 58

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The Coolspool range enables the powering of many aircraft systems that previously could only be activated with the generator on line. The pre-flighting and cycling of systems where aircraft are configured for rapid deployment with role equipment already on line, are examples where the higher Coolspool voltage can prevent the appearance of undesirable/spurious EFIS messages on start-up. The Coolspool 29 has a built-in mini charger. Connecting any 110/220 volt power cord into the GPU will automatically activate the integral 3-stage charger.


  • Digital voltmeter
  • Integral charger with 110v/240v input
  • 28vdc output for faster turbine starting
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Finished in powder coat yellow
  • Cleared for air transportation
  • Modular design = fast component swapout