Coolspool 260

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Coolspool 260

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Powervamp’s 28 volt DC Coolspool ramp carts are designed to replace diesel GPUs or fixed and semi-mobile transformer rectifier units (TRUs). Where no mains power is present or noise curfews prohibit use of diesel GPUs, they are a highly efficient, low cost power source – operating at a fraction of the cost of a diesel GPU, yet able to deliver the same power and turbine starting output. These large, new generation, powerful, heavy-duty battery carts provide a combination of instant high amperage with pure DC wave form and full mobility, low initial investment and extremely low operating costs. Their zero noise and zero carbon footprint are the way forward for regional airlines. Direct cost comparisons between diesel and Coolspool show savings enabling some operators to amortise the Coolspool GPU in less than 6 months.