MSM – The new design from Schurter

Tuesday 6th September 2022

MSM - The new design from Schurter

  • For intuitively safe, reliable, and elegant design 
  •  With modern dead-front LED illumination 
With the Design Line MSM RD, SCHURTER extends the MSM product family of mechanical switches and breathes new life into conventional pushbuttons. The progressive modern look of dead-front displays provides expanded design options with the known intuitive features of tactile feel and optical feedback. 

The new MSM RD variants are distinguished by its high-quality choice of materials. The switch housing is made of black anodized aluminium. With the combination of the special black translucent plastic for its ring lighting, the switch gives a very elegant, modern appearance. 

Ring illumination 

While the DF black Light Guide material is translucent, it is very robust. The switch appears inconspicuously black when the lighting is inactive. It thus fits unobtrusively and discreetly into dark operating surfaces. If the illumination is active, the ring shines in the set color without any colour shift despite the dark Light Guide material. Thus, special design effects or specific attention to detail can be created. 


Like all our products, the MSM RD variants are characterized by the highest quality. As standard, the ring illuminated switches are available in different sizes as well as in different illumination colours. Depending on the variant, the switch can operate up to 10A. 

Application areas - Intuitive operation and design 

Many unsafe incidents are due to operational errors. As an example, criteria for intuitive operation of laboratory and medical equipment plays a major role in increasing the safety of the operating process. 

What was once acceptable as a simple switch has become outdated due to higher demands being placed on the design and operation of a device.

 Mechanical switches are still used for this reason because haptic feedback in combination with optical feedback is still considered the highest level of safety used to ensure human-centered design. 

The SCHURTER MSM RD switch variants support the design of modern operator interfaces, which are more often made of dark plastic or glass surfaces. It combines intuitive feedback, high reliability, and elegant design in response to designer demands. The switch is not only "beautiful», but the materials are also suitable for outdoor use, because the black Light Guide material is also UV resistant 

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