Their product and service portfolio comprises LED-based lighting systems for ambient and functional lighting as well as state-of-the-art control and display elements for housing fronts and other mechanical, electronic and optoelectronic HMI components. While earlier in the company’s development, the focus was more on solitary individual components, Their portfolio is now more and more geared towards complete systems and subsystems. These are usually developed and implemented as customised solutions. From design to production. Everything from a single source.

Lighting, and in particularly product-integrated lighting, is their expertise. This is where their many years of knowledge, cutting-edge technology and an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals come into their own. Lighting solutions and components currently account for three quarters of their sales. Mentor firmly believe that lighting is incredibly important to the 
design of successful products. But more often than not the many ways in which lighting can be used in functionality and aesthetics as well as for emotional impact remain undiscovered. Mentor have made it our business to change that.