Introduction to Circular Connectors

Friday 21st April 2023

Circular Connectors

Circular connectors are a type of electrical connector used to join electrical circuits in a circular configuration. They have become an essential part of modern equipment, especially in industrial applications, where they are used to transmit power, signals, and data. Circular connectors come in different sizes, shapes, and configurations, depending on the application requirements.
DEGSON, a leading manufacturer of circular connectors, has invested in the development of circular connectors since 2016. They have launched three series of circular connectors - M5, M8, and M12 - that are in line with the IEC-61076 standard. These connectors are suitable for all kinds of equipment connections in industrial environments and can realize different functions such as signal transmission, power supply, and data transmission.

Product Characteristics and Quality of Circular Connectors
According to the IEC 61076 standard, circular connectors are perfectly compatible with international brands. They have a waterproof grade of up to IP68, which makes them suitable for harsh working conditions. Circular connectors have flexible wiring, easy insertion, and reliable connection, which makes them easy to install and maintain. They can meet different certification requirements and provide customized services and supporting solutions.

Round Connector Product Selection Elements

When selecting circular connectors, there are three essential selection elements:

Technology Selection: This involves selecting the electrical requirements, including the number of pins, voltage, and current rating.

Functional Application: This involves selecting the connector based on the actual application environment, including the type of equipment, operating temperature, and vibration resistance.

Product Structure: This involves selecting the connector based on the structure of space, customer on-site wiring requirements, and other factors.

Identifying Circular Connectors
Circular connectors come in different sizes and shapes, and their model numbers can be identified from the picture or the real thing. DEGSON's circular connectors have a unique model number that includes the connector type, the number of pins, and the voltage and current rating.

Circular connectors are an essential component of modern equipment, especially in industrial applications. DEGSON's circular connectors are in line with the IEC-61076 standard, have a waterproof grade of up to IP68, and can meet different certification requirements. When selecting circular connectors, it's essential to consider the technology selection, functional application, and product structure.