Apacer Unveils Enterprise SSD Series for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Monday 9th October 2023

Introducing Apacer's Enterprise SSD Series:

Revolutionizing Data Storage for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Are you ready to take your business's data storage to the next level? Look no further! Apacer, a renowned global leader in digital storage solutions, is thrilled to present the groundbreaking Enterprise SSD series 

Key Features:

  • Large Capacity: Unlock unparalleled storage capacity to accommodate your growing data demands.
  • High Performance: Experience lightning-fast data processing and retrieval for optimal productivity. 
  • High Reliability: Trust in rock-solid reliability, ensuring your data is always secure. 
  • Low Latency: Minimize wait times and enjoy seamless access to your critical information

Focusing on the high demand for industrial-grade storage devices among small and medium-sized enterprises, Apacer (8271), a global leader in digital storage solutions, today announced the launch of a new product line. It’s called the Enterprise SSD series, and it focuses on large capacity, high performance, high reliability and low latency. It 
is expected to obtain certifications of Windows Hardware Quality Lab and VMware Ready in the near future. With value-added services including data encryption and power-off protection technology, it provides comprehensive data protection and will find an ideal home in an edge server or a data centre.
The role of most enterprise SSDs is to serve as a boot drive or additional storage, but this doesn’t take full advantage of the drive’s storage space in most cases. Depending on the actual application behaviour and requirements of enterprises, Apacer’s Enterprise SSD can be flexibly configured as a boot device or a storage device via user-adjustable settings. In addition, because enterprise storage equipment does not use only one hard disk, but rather dozens or even hundreds of disks operating at the same time, the question of how best to provide stable and predictable data transmission is very important. Apacer has consistent performance in QoS (quality of service), IOPS (input/output operations per second, a measure of the number of reads and writes per second), and DWPD (drive writes per day, hard disk daily write volume), to ensure that the drive’s multifunctional performance meets high-speed and mass transmission requirements.
In the process of cloud data transmission, the most important thing is the security of data storage. Apacer provides a variety of value-added technologies, such AES (advanced encryption standard), to provide highly secure encryption. TCG Opal specifications are also available, providing pre-boot authentication and distributing the content of data that different users can access through firmware technology to prevent data from being stolen or tampered with, which is a key advantage of self-encrypting drives. Another concern is an unexpected loss of power, which can lead to data loss or equipment failure. Apacer has developed CorePower technology, which can maintain data transmission when the SSD faces an emergency power outage. Through these three technologies, a protective transmission process is created to deliver reliability and stability to enterprise users.
When asked about the Enterprise SSD series, C. K. Chang, President of Apacer, said, “With the development of technologies such as the cloud, the Internet of Things, high-speed computing, and big data, SSD storage requirements have expanded from large-scale data centres to small and medium-sized application fields, such as data centres in the financial or telecommunications industry, and cloud computer rooms. When this is coupled with the recent low price of memory, and ChatGPT, which is sweeping the world, there is a predicted increased demand for servers. The introduction of enterprise-level SSDs at this time will help customers upgrade small operations, and this is expected to bring benefits to operations in 2024.”