Bopla Euromas X New Sizes & Functions to the Classic Euromas Industrial Enclosure Series

Wednesday 5th April 2023

EUROMAS X – adding new sizes and functions to the classic Euromas industrial enclosure series                   

For more than 50 years, the classic industrial enclosures in the EUROMAS series have been an indispensable part of our product range. EUROMAS enclosures continue to be our customers’ number one choice especially for applications in which the focus is less on product design and handling than “only” on the maximum protection of electronic components.

With the introduction of the IoT (internet of things) into almost all aspects of life, and the related ambition to collect and process a large amount of data anywhere in the world, the demands made of our EUROMAS enclosures have continued to develop.

Many of the typical IoT devices are operated with a few simple keys and status displays arranged under a décor foil or, ideally, combined in a membrane keypad. Mounting at the place of use is intended to be as easy as possible and, if possible, take place without the user needing to open the device. Because of the number of IoT devices which need to be installed, of course cost efficiency
plays an important role.

With EUROMAS X, in future we can satisfy these requirements without any compromises

Advantages at a glance

• recessed surface for integrating membrane keypads
• moulded-on wall brackets (optional) → no time-consuming processing and mounting of additional components
• with regard to sizes, a few gaps in the EUROMAS range have now been filled → in future, our customers have an even better opportunity to find the standard enclosure which is ideal for their application

Material variants

EUROMAS X is available in two different material variants:

1. ABS for cost-optimised applications
2. Polycarbonate for use in challenging environments
Model designations

Details of the material are indicated in the model designation as shown in the example of EUROMAS:
Polycarbonate → XM
Polycarbonate versions alternatively available with a crystal-clear lid → G
Variants with moulded-on wall brackets → WL

In contrast to previous EUROMAS enclosures, the model designation now also includes information about the size and colour