Harting Modular Domino System Smaller & Lighter Connectors

Tuesday 26th September 2023

The next level of Modular Industrial Connectors

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Harting Domino Modules

Your benefits at a glance: 
  • Space & weight saving of up to 50%, reducing CO2 footprint
  • Maximum flexibility as scalable to the respective need 
  • Reduction of installation times by combining several individual connections 
  • Compatible with the components of the Han-Modular® series, the market standard for modular industrial connectors 
  • Sustainability through consistent modularisation 

The Domino module contributes to cost reduction and resource conservation. This is true for production because less energy and material are needed to manufacture smaller components. But it also applies to logistics, which benefit from the space and weight savings and also from more flexibility. Modularity is increased by the use of smaller components that can be arranged next to each other in hinged frames. Individual modules can be reused (in the sense of the platform idea); sustainability is improved.

Han-Modular® Domino Modules - Pneumatics Combination

Customized Domino module: Power contacts are combined with pneumatic to save space
Installers also benefit from shorter assembly times. Due to the reduced connector size, assembly areas that are difficult to reach can be equipped more efficiently or even opened up for assembly in the first place, e.g. in the narrow installation space of rail vehicles. As a result, assembly costs are reduced.

Han-Modular® Domino Module 

Just as dominoes have two separate squares, a domino module is made up of two building blocks or cubes. Each domino module consists of a cube with a small tab and a cube with a large tab. The cubes can be flexibly joined to form modules as required. A Han-Modular® Domino module therefore enables the transmission of power, signals, data or compressed air, as male and female contacts can be combined in one domino module 

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