Relpol Relays New push-in technology sockets GZP80 and GZP4

Wednesday 19th August 2020

With great pleasure we wish to inform that in July we have completed UL certification of push-in sockets types GZP80 and GZP4 with a positive result.

Check our best sockets for relays:

Socket GZP4 
for relays R2N, R4N.
Socket GZP80
 for relays RM84, RM85, RMP84, RMP85.

- Tool less wiring allows to shorten assembly time, double holes at each terminal.
- Easy installation of relay to sockets - unique system leading the relay straight to the right place.
- Holes for test probes - ergonomic position and construction, stable position of the probe in the socket, freedom to perform measurements and control.
- Dedicated space for 9 mm label on socket and place for standard description plates on the socket
- Cooperation with standard protection and signalling modules.