Schurter Launch FRM-A and DRM-A for Avioincs Applications

Monday 11th September 2023

Schurter's FRM-A and DRM-A

FRM-A & DRM-A - An optimised unit for demanding requirements 

  • Designed and optimised for Avionics applications 
  • FRM-A: Ultra-compact, light and made for harsh environmental conditions 
  • DRM-A: Whisker-free ceramic fuse with fast tripping characteristics 

Very small, light and robust: These are increasingly important requirements of the Avionics industry for the components of their suppliers. SCHURTER addresses this need with the FRM-A and DRM-A fuse holder/fuse combination.  

Minimized dimensions and low weight of Avionics components, their reliability and efficient maintainability are elementary requirements to keep operating costs low. The pressure to reduce the carbon footprint and operate sustainable aircraft fleets is driving the industry. SCHURTER addresses this need with the most compact and robust Avionics qualified fuse holder on the market, the FRM-A, and the matching SMT fuse DRM-A with a fast-tripping characteristic.  

FRM-A: ultra-compact and powerful  

It is particularly the modest dimensions that make the SCHURTER FRM-A closed fuse holder a great one. Not only is it the most compact in its class, but it also shines with its enormous robustness and IP67 protection. Successful vibration, shock and salt mist tests confirm this in an impressive manner. The FRM-A has been developed exclusively for the SMT ceramic fuse  

DRM-A. DRM-A: using gold against whisker  

Tin whiskers represent a risk for short circuits in electronics. The underlying physical process has not yet been fully identified. However, the problem has always been circumvented by adding lead. But lead is often an undesirable element (RoHS guidelines). The DRM-A therefore completely dispenses with a lead-containing coating and relies on gold in its place. Gold-plated end caps offer no surface for whiskers to attack. The DRM-A, which was developed specifically for Avionics applications, is suitable wherever the highest demands are made on reliability and robustness. But this does not necessarily have to be at an altitude of 50,000 feet and installed in the FRM-A. Thanks to its design, it is also ideally suited for industrial and telecom applications 

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