Weather Resistant Nylon 612 Cable Ties from Panduit

Thursday 29th February 2024

Nylon 612 Cable Ties from Panduit

Mechanical and chemical attributes of black weather resistant nylon 612 cable ties shall provide resistance to UV rays and chemical attack when exposed to various concentrations of salts, hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons bases and acid rain


High Durability: With a tensile yield of 9,300 psi and excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, these cable ties are built to last.

Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand up to 20 years of UV exposure and varying temperatures from -76°F to 194°F.

Chemical Resistance: High resistance to salts, chlorinated hydrocarbons, bases, and acid rain, suitable for harsh environments.

Versatile Use: Ideal for wire management in outdoor applications, especially on galvanized surfaces or frames

Key Features

Black UV resistant properties: Allows ties to withstand exposure to sunlight; contributes to weathering life expectancy of 20 years*

One-piece design with locking wedge: Provides low thread force for easy and reliable installation; improves productivity and reduces operator fatigue

Curved, tapered tip: Threads easily into head; installs quickly for improved productivity


Nylon 612 offers 20 years of weathering life expectancy and resistance to zinc chlorides and diluted acids. 
Ideal for wire management on galvanized surfaces / frames. Nylon 612 cable ties are suitable for outdoor applications where temperatures range from -76°F (-60°C) up to 194°F (90°C).

*This is an estimated life expectancy and not a guarantee of life in an application

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