CUS200M-24 24V DC 8.4A 252W Medical Approved

Code: CUS200M-24

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CUS200M-24 AC-DC power supply 24V


Input Single-phase

Input Voltage Range 85 to 265Vac

Efficiency 94% Typ.

Rated Output Voltage 24Vdc

Output Voltage Range 23.5 to 25.2Vdc

Maximum Output Current 8.4A

Maximum Output Power 252W


200W Convection Cooled

• Up to 250W with Forced Air

• Medical Certifications (2 x MOPP)

• Class B Conducted and Radiated EMI

• 5V Standby Voltage, DC Good Signal and Remote On/Off

• Compact 3 x 5 x 1.5” size

• Enclosure Options


Quiet Operation

• Can Utilize System Airflow

• Suitable for B and BF Rated Equipment

• Easier System EMC Compliance

• Provides Flexibility in the System

• Industry Standard Size For Alternative Power Requirements

• Versatile Application

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